Friday, 25 July 2008

Do the math

Code 411....

Code 416....

and finally,

Code 417 - end of night ;)


Repohater is in the Library of Congress, beeeyaches ;)

The fools let me in....

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Web Architecture trumps repositories

If research was posted on the web, using the fecking web architecture design that was laid down *years* ago, then repositories would never have happened. There is absolutely no need for them, apart from to make middle managers feel warm and fuzzy and occassionally, a little moist when the numbers of deposits pass some inconsequential milestone - 'omg, squee, I have 1000 items in my repository. That means that this university is doing some research!' Yeah, great. Whoopdee doo. There are some unreadable PDFs somewhere in a system. Oh, btw, don't lose the database if you are using DSpace, bye bye all data. Oh, and using Fedora? Sure, it's easy to get stuff, you know how to do RDF queries, right? Oh, sorry, it's not SPARQL, it's its own weird query language that does its own damn thing. Frontend for Fedora? Why would you want that? And EPrints? Everything you want to store is a document, right? Oh, and keep that db too!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

In light of recent fluffyness...

Due to boing-boing's campaign of cute catfights and puppies, I have decided to lay off the repohate for this one.

But there is still some distaste, loathing, a little terror and an urge to run from this next news item - it's the terror and the running really.

Now I call myself a geek - 'geek' being pronounced in the same way you might say 'badge of honour', 'a person of noble stature' and 'hung like a mule'.

But these... these guys are nerds... that's not to say that I think poorly of them. I think of them in the same way I might think of a person making large sculptures of cheese, going for a dominoes record, or doing something similarly autistic/time-consuming. I have admiration for them, but I wouldn't have them over for tea, smelling of cheese and eyeing up my dvd collection with their dominoes-obsessed gaze.

So let me present the nerdstorm (the nerd's collective noun) - ethernet networked Commodore64's, playing a homebuilt racing game 'NetRacer'....

Thursday, 3 July 2008

It's all a matter of perspective...

What repository managers think their repository architectures look like:

What the developers know repository architectures look like:

But without the satellite dish...

(Submitted by FourOhNine)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

When a 402 goes bad...

Be careful with your hookers people, Very Bad Things can happen...

Slacking? Here's some resources to help you out.

Well, there's failblog, or a site about weird accident aftermaths, i can haz cheesburger is always worth a laugh, and orsinal for all your semi-autistic flash game needs.

As for comics? Ctrl-Alt-Del, xkcd, Penny Arcade, UserFriendly, and Indexed (v. cool).

Now, get back to work, you lazy sods.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Rejected HTTP status codes

Code 220 - Privileged content

The server has found the content, but the user's IP is in a high poverty area, and as such, is unlikely to have paid tax. The server has determined therefore that you have not paid for content and are not eligible. This is mostly intended for governmental use (sponsored by BNP)

The 220 response MUST NOT include a message-body, and thus is always terminated by the first empty line after the header fields.

Code 456 - Sumerged content

The server has determined that the resource requested is currently stored in hardware that has been submerged in liquid, due to an air-conditioner failure, or a coffee-spill incident.

Getting developers happy with hookers

Every funder is talking about trying to keep developers happy and focused, and yet they fail miserably with adding further buerocratic crap and silly rubbish.

You want to keep developer happy? Hire'em all hookers.

Preferably like this:

But knowing the amount JISC and others pay for things, the hookers'll end up like this: