Tuesday, 30 March 2010

How academic libraries act like the Great Firewall of China

They fucked you up, the library's had,
They do not mean to, but they do....

So, researchers continue to live in the wondrous magic bubble that they are damned well entitled to view journals - why should they pay? they've never had to before. They have as skewed a view as to what they version of the internet looks like, as many Chinese.

To them, the internet must appear like a bunch of broken links. To academics, it appears like the land of goddamn milk and honey, just reach out and read any journal they like, free of charge.

You want academics to put more content out there? Cut the subscriptions and pass the bill onto directly onto them. They want access to the 'Journal of pointless bullshit'? They can pay for it. Themselves. Alone. Out of their precious budget.

Libraries, grow some balls, you are the consumer and you hold the power. Publishers believe they have you over a barrel as you can't be seen to piss off your academics.

I say it's time to piss them off.

It's time to remind them that they are getting fucked over every time they publish.

"No, sorry, we can't archive your life's work. You repeatedly whored out your copyright to a publisher, just because you couldn't be bothered to change the contract. We do however have an excellent paper recycling policy that you could make use of."

Frankly, I'm tired hearing academics bitch and moan about what they are entitled to.

You aren't entitled to fuck-all - you signed it all away. Go cry at someone else.