Monday, 9 June 2008



Too few people are willing to write about the bad side of repositories - most of the people in the field are struggling to get by with what we have and tend to vent over a pint amongst fellow repo sufferers.

What are the rules for posting?

The #1 rule of repohate club is, that you must blog about repohate.
The #2 rule of repohate club is, code 303 #1

Basically, this is an avenue to vent, to point out the folly of all our ways, and to make a mockery of the shortcomings of repository systems. The wittier, the more profound, the better.

Failing that, if you can make me laugh out loud in a quiet office, you win. Also, the shorter it is, the less likely you will trip over a 'tl;dr' [tooo long -> didn't read.]

Oh and don't worry about anonymising stuff - I'll be gatekeeper to that, your dirty little secrets are safe with me. (Just pick a funny codename to go by)

Any Topic then?

Just about anything that I think is vaguely relevant will be looked at - think of it as a game, "What does the Anonymous Hater want to read?". My topic suggestions are eprints, fedora, dspace, xkcd, vendor-pain, last-century-legalese, xml==wrong, code-comments, typewriters-are-cool, error-codes-in-real-life, or there's-a-monkey-in-the-serverroom-and-it's-pissing-on-my-services.

Will I be rick/sh1t/spock-rolled by a link?

No... well... maybe. Only if it'll be really funny.

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