Tuesday, 8 July 2008

In light of recent fluffyness...

Due to boing-boing's campaign of cute catfights and puppies, I have decided to lay off the repohate for this one.

But there is still some distaste, loathing, a little terror and an urge to run from this next news item - it's the terror and the running really.

Now I call myself a geek - 'geek' being pronounced in the same way you might say 'badge of honour', 'a person of noble stature' and 'hung like a mule'.

But these... these guys are nerds... that's not to say that I think poorly of them. I think of them in the same way I might think of a person making large sculptures of cheese, going for a dominoes record, or doing something similarly autistic/time-consuming. I have admiration for them, but I wouldn't have them over for tea, smelling of cheese and eyeing up my dvd collection with their dominoes-obsessed gaze.

So let me present the nerdstorm (the nerd's collective noun) - ethernet networked Commodore64's, playing a homebuilt racing game 'NetRacer'....

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